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News: PPTS 2.0 Alpha 3 - 05/02/2001

About PPTS: The idea started around September 2000. I basically wanted to create a web based application that would allow the employees at my work to know where all of us were at a given time. The project was conceived in October 2000, and was named IPTS (Internal People Tracking System). And all it did was have a BBS type of logic, where all the employee could post what they were doing. E.g. Out For Lunch, Coding, Testing, etc. You can download, and read more about the ORIGINAL IPTS here.

IPTS became a vital part of Whetstone Logic, Inc when we decided to expand its functionality. We added two new features: a time clock system, and a project tracking system.

The Time Clock System allows for users to clock in under one project, and select what they are working on under that project. Also part of the Time Clock System is a monthly report ssytem, that allows the users to check how many hours they have worked, and under which project they have worked. It is perfect to a management team to come up w/ invoice bills.

The Project Tracking System allows for users to keep a centralized "Corporate Memory" about all projects in the company. You are allowed to upload documents to the server that will be associated w/ a specific project. It saves data like which languages is being used for that project, which server is being stored at, etc.

And, finally, during the month of February the entire project was done and functional under the Whetstone Logic's use. We think this project still in the beginning of its full capacity, and that is why we decided it to open source it. So, you, can helps make PPTS a very useful/helpful system to universities, telecommuting companies, or even regular companies that have people working off-site.

We decided to change its original name to PPTS (People & Projects Tracking System) simply because it seems to give it more info about the project.

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